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Have a Masonry Professional Handle Your Firepit Installation

Designing Your Fire Pit

In the United States, there were more than 1,300,000 fire pits as of the most recent estimate. That number is sufficient to cover the entire surface area of the United States, including the pavement. Because of this, using a fire pit to spend the evening with friends and family has become increasingly common in recent years. To make one, people often turn to a masonry professional. But, if you plan to DIY, take into account the three things listed below when installing fire pits:


Concrete is the most typical material used for fire pits. Meanwhile, you can also find concrete tile, glass, stone, or metal fire pits. Therefore, your chosen fabric will depend on your spending limit, personal taste, and overall aesthetic. A metal fire pit is an excellent option to share your evening with friends and family and will also be vital.


The size of your fire pit is another aspect you should think about. The amount of space on your property that is available will determine everything. Therefore, choose a smaller fire pit if your area is limited. The rationale behind this is that a small fire pit will not only conserve space but also increase the comfort of your visitors.


The design of your fire pit is the final thing to consider. Either a square or a circular structure is an option. Choose a stone, metal, or ceramic tile floor with a square design. You can choose a bed made of metal, gravel, or concrete tile if you want to go for a circular design.

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