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Tips From a Masonry Professional Contractor

6 Types of Natural Stone for Your Yard

Decorative hardscape made of natural stone is a popular addition to countless landscapes. If you want to add it as a driveway, walkway, patio pavement, or any other surface, you must hire a masonry professional contractor. Here are six enduring natural stone options that you can use to accentuate your residence or place of business:


Mineral deposits created this particular variety of limestone in spring-fed natural areas. Natural stone that will last for a very long time is abundant in Mother Nature. Your lovely home will gain color, personality, and texture from this material.


This type of stone is made up of sand-like rock or organic matter grains, as the name would imply. The material comes in various attractive colors, including black, grey, yellow, and white. They will alter the environment when added to your property as pavement.


This particular natural stone will give your home an impressive appearance with its peculiar qualities. It offers the same variety of tones and hues as travertine stone at a lower cost.


This might be the best choice for your patio pavers or the pavers around your pool. This sedimentary stone is produced when sediment layers, usually found underwater, harden, and it frequently consists of sand, clay, or organic sedimentary strata.


Slate stones have distinguishing features, and they have a nice texture and colors that are similar to travertine. They come in various oddly shaped pieces that work well, even for roofs. This substance is made of clay or volcanic ash thanks to localized low-grade metamorphism.


One of the strongest, heat- and impact-resistant, and most durable alternatives is granite. This is an igneous rock with grains created by the slowly crystallizing magma beneath the surface of the Earth.

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