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Tips From a Professional Masonry Repair Contractor

What Causes Damage to Your Brick Structures

Is your masonry construction project not going according to plan? Did the brick surface finally crack since it was unable to withstand the force of traffic? Call a masonry repair contractor right away before the structure goes way beyond a simple fix. And, if you’re wondering why your surface suddenly showed signs of damage, here are things that can cause problems with your brick structure:

Thin Brick

If you are working with thin stones, that is a problem waiting to happen. Brick thickness does matter, so you should focus on this along with other areas. You can check grout integrity or area moisture level. If the brick has thinning mortar, that may be a reason to call a masonry contractor.

Tree Roots

Roots can potentially through the floor underlayment and into the brickwork. If your landscaping has a tree root system, know that it poses a risk. Bricks should be inspected every few years to monitor their integrity. If it becomes bulky or loose, add a root barrier to prevent future problems.

Hanging Phrases

If bricks are used as decorative elements, they should not be placed near the ground. Otherwise, it will be exposed to moisture and dirt. If you have problems with hanging phrases, we recommend contacting a specialist; pros can provide the best assistance.

Hanging Pavers

The same goes for paver. When the pavement begins to sag, it looks unattractive. Stability should be checked. If the problem is due to moisture, you can try to fix it. Otherwise, calling a bricklayer is your best bet.


Brick is not waterproof. This means that it can easily absorb water. Watch out for bricks starting to crack in areas prone to flooding. If this is the case, your best bet is to contact a brick repair professional. If not, inspect your bricks regularly and call a pro immediately at the first sign of a cracked mortar.

It’s not a big deal if the brick building material fails first. However, if the damage worsens and compromises the brick’s structural integrity, the contractor should be contacted. If you have any problems with brickwork, be sure to consult a masonry repair contractor like P & P Stone Construction LLC. We are always ready to assist with all your masonry work in Des Moines, IA and the surrounding areas. Dial (515) 328-8166 now for an appointment!